Organic Creamed Coconut

Creamed coconut is a semi-solid viscous product made with dried coconut, which passes through the colloidal mill. This is 100 % pure and contains no added food additives such as artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives.

In all products which require organic coconut cream or organic desiccated coconut, such as gourmet dishes, confectionery products, ice creams and dessert mixes, etc.

Appearance - Creamy without foreign matters except paring particles
Texture - Semi-solid liquid
Taste - Sweet and pleasant with strong coconut flavour
Color - Slightly yellowish, creamy colour
Odour - Pleasant odour, free from rancid odour.
141g packets, 150g packets, 170g packets, 200g packets
141g x 40 per carton, 4600 (Reefer FCL 40 Ft)
150g x 40 per carton, 2600 (Dry FCL 20Ft)
150g x 40 per carton, 2400 (Reefer FCL 20Ft)
150g x 40 per carton, 4000 (Reefer FCL 40Ft)
170g x 40 per carton, 2900 (Dry FCL 20Ft)
170g x 40 per carton, 2400 (Reefer FCL 20Ft)
200g x 40 per carton, 2600 (Dry FCL 20Ft)
200g x 40 per carton, 2600 (Reefer FCL 20Ft)
190kg steel drums 70/20 FCL
17kg pail palletized 450/20 FCL

Three years, keep in cool dry place away from direct sunlight, refrigerate after opening and consume within 3 days.

Nutritional Facts Per 100g
Energy 710KCal
Carbohydrate 8.9g
Of which suger 4.0g
Total fat 71.4g
Saturated fat 66.8g
Potassium 0.2g
Protein 8.0g
Sodium 13.59mg
Poly unsaturated 0.6g
Mono unsaturated 4.0g
Iron 2.43mg
Dietary fibre 30.4g
Calcium 114.0mg
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