Organic Coconut Milk

Product Description

The product shall be emulsion extract from endosperm (Kernel) of the matured coconut. The coconut milk is extracted using mechanical pressing and blended with some stabilizers and emulsifiers to maintain proper consistency and packed in hermetically sealed food grade metal cans and finally sterilized to achieve the commercial sterility. This product is prepared from organically certified coconuts and processed under EU, NOP, JAS organic processing guidelines and ISO, BRC food safety guidelines. Wichy coconut milk is available in different fat content such as 6%, 8%, 10%,12%, 14%, 17%, and 22% .


Coconut milk is mainly used for preparation of tropical cuisines. Wichy organic coconut milk is one of most flavorsome milks, ideally suited as a culinary base. This coconut milk can be diluted with warm water and used for all gourmet foods, fruit cocktails, confectioneries.

Product Characteristics


- Milky homogenous liquid and free from foreign matter.

Flavour and Odour

- The product shall have a characteristics oconut flavour and pleasant odour. It shall be free from rancid, cheesy, soapy or other objectionable flavours and odours.

pH value

- 5- 6

Fat %

- 6 % to 22%



- 3 piece tin plated can with EOE , Non EOE lids


- 24 cans packed in brown liner 3 ply corrugated cartons

Net weight/Volume

- 400 ml, 3000 ml

No of ctns/ 20 FCL

- 1850 (44400 x 400 ml cans)

No of trays/20 FCL

- 3700 (44400 x 400 ml cans)

No of ctns/20 FCL

- 1080 (6480 x 3000 ml cans)


- Ambient temperature

Shelf Life

- 2 years. Once the can is opened, keep in refregerator and onsume within 3 days

What We Offer

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  • Sweetened Creamed Coconut
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  • Organic Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk
  • Organic Coconut Flour
  • Organic Coconut Chips

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